Cheaper Plus Better Than Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (SM-F916)

So, guys, it's been a few weeks since we heard anything about galaxy fold 2, but yesterday we finally had some new details coming from sam mobile.
Cheaper Plus Better Than Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (SM-F916)

according to a report by SamMobile, Samsung will be able to bring down the starting price, which is great news considering how expensive current foldable phones are.

The Galaxy Fold retailed for near 2000$ at the time of launch, whereas the latest folding phone the Galaxy Z Flip came with a retail price of $1,400, making it significantly cheaper and more affordable.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to cost anywhere between the price of the Galaxy Z Flip and fold 1, which will surely help attract more audiences towards it. and how are they gonna do that? ie reduce the price.

According to the website, Samsung will launch as many as two storage variants of Galaxy Fold 2 the model number SM-F916 will have 256GB storage onboard, whereas SM-F91x will come with 512GB of storage.

The original fold offered only one storage variant of 512GB, So, By offering the Galaxy Fold 2 with lower base storage, Samsung will be able to bring down the starting price.

But, With recession setting in across the globe, I wonder how buyers will willingly shell out even $1500.

Now we are not sure if Samsung plans to cut the price even further by cutting corners with the processor and by using 4G instead of 5G. so really, only time will tell.

it's not all about cutting corners and reducing price, according to another report the fold 2 could get s pen support, that's right galaxy fold 2 might use s pen but then it would technically join the Galaxy Note series, which would make it a non-foldable S Pen solution.

But keep in mind this is not yet confirmed. and A report coming from the elec suggesting the display of fold 2 will be improved even further than galaxy Z fold. The Galaxy Z Flip employs Ultra-Thin Glass whereas the Galaxy Fold’s screen uses polyimide.

Now Samsung wants to combine them to create a new foldable screen solution for the Galaxy Fold 2.which should be stronger and durable.

It’s also said that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have the same camera setup as the Galaxy S20+. Now for some older leaks The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to feature a larger cover display than the 4.6-inch one on its predecessor.

It's will likely have a punch hole selfie camera instead of the odd, side notch on the Fold.

As for launch sam mobile reports Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive in Q3 this year.

So still there is time left, Until then subscribe to my channel For more information And see you in the next one. Peace out.

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