So Samsung was the first company to use a curved display on their smartphone.

The Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 introduced something people didn't see before: a display that curves over the one edge of the phone.


Fast forward to 2015, Samsung introduced the edge screen on both sides on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

And ever since every Samsung flagship has these curved displays on both sides.

Samsung kept this curved display tech for themselves for so many years until recently they started selling curved displays to other OEM's as well.

Namely the Chinese smartphone companies such as OnePlus, Oppo and Huawei. Speaking of which Huawei recently launched its newest flagship the P40 Pro lineup has a quad curved display.

It's the first time ever we're seeing display technology on a smartphone which includes curved edges on all four corners.

You see the top and bottom curves on the P40 Pro are very subtle, even though it looks beautiful but it's not what I expected when I first saw the official renders of the P40 Pro.

The actual handset has some bezels up top and bottom and the curves are not really noticeable.

But it looks like Samsung's version will be more drastic with more aggressive curves on top and bottom.

As spotted by Lets Go Digital Samsung filed a patent for a quad curved display and Thanks to LetsGoDigital, we have 3D renders of the patented display technology.

Looking at the images the handset has a really unique look and futuristic design as well with a rounded corner.

But before you get too excited, let me mention that it's still a patent. It's not into production yet.

Companies file for patents all the time, just because Samsung filed one doesn't mean it's surely getting into the production stage.

But that also doesn't mean this won't ever go into the production stage. Since companies are running out of ideas to differentiate their phones year over year, I think eventually this is what we're going to get on the Galaxy S or Note phones.

I don't think the Galaxy Note 20 would have it, it's probably too far into its production process to make the use of this patent.

I guess the Galaxy S21 or S22 perhaps. We've already seen this design executed rather well by Huawei, so I hope Samsung doesn't take years to implement it.


The Galaxy S20 lineup had a slow start due to the ongoing issues but surprisingly the top of the line Galaxy S20 Ultra is exceeding sales expectations.

Initially, Samsung thought that the popular S20 handset going to be the entry-level Galaxy S20 due to its lower price tag.

But it seems Samsung users are not Apple users, I mean they aren't nearly as concerned with value as Apple fans.

They want the latest and greatest and that's the reason the S20 Ultra is the most popular S20 variant and in fact, is responsible for over half of all series sales Samsung made so far.

Now Samsung is ramping up production of the 40-megapixel (front) camera used by the Galaxy S20 Ultra implying that there's an even more demand for the handset than what Samsung had expected which is a significant achievement considering the $1400 price tag and ongoing issues with the world.

Of course with that being, do share your thoughts down below in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out!

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